5 most mysterious Minecraft mobs in 2022

Minecraft is a game with incredibly varied and intriguing mobs, and more are always being added. While there are plenty of mobs to encounter, some are more well-known than others.


While some Minecraft mobs are relatively self-explanatory, others carry a veneer of mystery about them. What is their real purpose? Where do they come from? How do they fit into Minecraft’s larger lore?

While many of these questions remain unanswered, the community has many theories. Below, players can find some of the most mysterious mobs released as of The Wild Update in 2022.

Minecraft: Most mysterious mobs players can encounter in version 1.19

5) The Wandering Trader

The Wandering Trader and their pet llama (Image via Mojang)
The Wandering Trader and their pet llama (Image via Mojang)

A mob that only appears in the presence of other players, Minecraft’s Wandering Trader is a friendly villager who occasionally emerges and offers various goods. However, this particular mob doesn’t always mingle among villagers, as players can find it in many other places.

As a matter of fact, the Wandering Trader cannot appear without the presence of a player, so why is that? Aside from potential profit, why does the trader need to follow players? Couldn’t it trade with other villagers after all? It is unclear, but Minecraft players are likely glad that the trader comes along to provide them with items and emeralds.

4) Allays

The Allay is a particularly curious mob (Image via Mojang)
The Allay is a particularly curious mob (Image via Mojang)

A recent addition to the 1.19 update, the Allay mob is typically found imprisoned by the Illagers. Once released, players can tame these little sprites and even have them collect items and blocks for them. However, there’s still plenty to learn about Allay.

Where does it come from? Why does it enjoy cookies so much? Why is it attracted to music from note blocks? These new mobs have raised more questions than answers, but maybe Mojang will enlighten players in future updates.


3) Endermen

Minecraft's Endermen have been part of the game for years (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft’s Endermen have been part of the game for years (Image via Mojang)

While Endermen have been a part of the game for years, there’s still only so much we know about them. Players know they come from the End dimension, become angered with eye contact, and have the ability to teleport and drop precious ender pearls. But there’s still plenty we don’t know about these tall, shadowy mobs.

For example, their irrational aggression towards endermites, or their ill-defined relationship with the Ender Dragon. One could even ask why they’re so weak when it comes to contact with water. Players may never receive these answers, but it can be fun to speculate.

2) Phantoms

A Phantom takes flight in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)
A Phantom takes flight in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Phantoms have been divisive mobs due to their annoying presence after players haven’t slept for a few days. Otherwise, not much is known about the shadowy flying mobs. Why do they only appear near players who have gone without sleep? Are they real, or are they imagined?

Considering that players can receive phantom membranes as an item, it’s plausible that they’re living creatures, but where do they come from? Are they nightmares from a player’s subconscious?

Whatever the case might be, these mobs have been around for some time and haven’t had much of their origins or purposes revealed. With a little more time, Mojang may develop the story of these otherworldly creatures.


1) The Warden

The Warden in a Minecraft 1.19 trailer (Image via Mojang)
The Warden in a Minecraft 1.19 trailer (Image via Mojang)

Introduced during the 1.19 update, the Warden is a powerful protector of the deep dark biome and its ancient cities. It contains what appears to be souls inside its chest, releasing a heartbeat sound as it grows suspicious of nearby threats. This spooky mob clearly has a story behind it, but players don’t yet know the details.

It is defensive of its stomping ground in the deep dark, but why is that the case? Was it constructed by the ancient city’s inhabitants, or was it worshiped? The center of ancient cities possess statues in the shape of the Warden’s head, but this raises more questions than answers regarding the game’s newest hostile mob.

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