Fall Guys won’t be on Steam during Season 1, but updates will continue

Fall Guys is leaving Steam for good come June 21, 2022, and will move over to the Epic Gaming Store.

Developer Mediatonic is now owned by Epic Games. It stands to reason that Epic Games would benefit more from having the game on their own launcher.

Thankfully, fans will still retain their copy of Fall Guys if they made the purchase on Steam. However, this brings up a couple of questions, specifically pertaining to the title’s move to a free-to-play model and future updates. It just so happens that the day the game is taken down from Steam is also the day it enters a new season.

Mediatonic has made it clear, though: Steam users will still receive full support, even after the game moves to its new home.

Fall Guys confirmed to have full crossplay and cross-progression support, provided players’ Epic Games accounts are linked


In an official Steam post, developer Mediatonic addressed the elephant in the room. They clarified that Steam users would retain their copy of Fall Guys. More importantly, these users will still receive updates to their game well into the future.

Here’s what Mediatonic had to say on the subject:

“For everyone that already owns the game, rest assured that you will continue to receive full support and all the tasty updates that land on other platforms, including crossplay and cross-progression support.

“However, please note that after 1:00am EST on June 21, new players will be unable to purchase and download Fall Guys on Steam, and the product page will no longer show on the storefront.”

This means that even if players miss out on buying the game on Steam (or already own it), Season 1: Free For All will still be available to them when it launches on June 21, 2022.


Of course, the most important tidbit of information is the addition of crossplay and cross-progression support.

Fall Guys has full crossplay and cross-progression support. This allows anyone from all its supported platforms to play together with one another, provided they have their Epic Games account linked.

The entire transition marks a big milestone for the game, which was on its sixth season by the time the decision was made to go free-to-play. It is now entering a new era on the Epic Games Store, so it makes sense to simply start the seasons over.

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