Healthians to enter UAE, Bangladesh markets

Healthians, one of the leading diagnostic services provider, plans to enter the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh markets and hire over 200 people in each of these nations by December quarter.

The company has been studying the markets in the two nations since 2019 and realised that the Covid pandemic has opened new avenues for disruption using latest technology in these markets.

With its foray into the UAE and Bangladesh, Healthians will be among the very few companies in the diagnostic sector to turn global.

The pioneer of the health-test-at-home concept, Healthians plans to bring innovations to the two markets with a fully-owned setup similar to that of in India.

Deepak Sahni, founder and CEO, Healthians said the past few years have underlined the importance of health and wellness in human lives while also laying bare the gaps in the health systems and diagnostic facilities around the world.

The company is working on a vision to add 10 healthy years to a person’s life by providing accurate, affordable, and hassle-free preventive, diagnostic services.

“We are seeing a lot of countries bringing regulations to prioritise home care and telehealth at affordable costs. With the right vision, robust technology, lean operations and effective communication, Healthians can make the world a healthier place,” he added.

The company will be at the forefront to launch home care and telemedicine in the new markets. 

Initially, Healthians intends to run its operations in the two markets with minimal investment and plans to execute the business in these markets profitably.

“We look forward to providing convenience and a superior service experience to the people of the UAE and Bangladesh while accessing our services,” said Nishant Singhal, COO, Healthians.

Set up in 2015, the company has a network of over 30 fully automated modern certified labs and plans to expand operations to over 250 cities in India. It is patronised by over 3.5 million households in India.

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August 05, 2022

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