Helly Shah opens up about her film Zibah being eligible for Oscar qualification

Television actress Helly Shah made heads turn by making her red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2022. The actress was there to launch the poster of her film, ‘Kaya Palat.’ The 26-year-old has been adding new feathers to her cap and the latest one is that her film, Zibah is eligible for Oscar qualification. Helly is very happy to be a part of Zibah and says that the entire team is very attached to this project. Pinkvilla reached out to Helly and she spoke at length about the film’s concept, future projects, and more.

On her film being eligible for Oscar qualification

Excited about this achievement, Helly Shah said, “Zibah is eligible for Oscar qualification. We are one step ahead and it’s an amazing feeling. I’m really happy that I chose to do this project. It’s very close to our entire team.” When asked about her feelings at the moment, Helly shared that she always stays calm and doesn’t let any emotion control her. “I always try to be calm but I am hoping for the best. I hope that we cross all the steps that come ahead. I am really hoping that we get a nomination,” expressed the Ishq Mein Marjawan actress.

About the film, Zibah

Elaborating on what Zibah is about, Helly Shah explained, “The film is about FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). It’s called ‘khatna’ in Hindi, which is just not in India but prevalent all over the world. We’ve only heard about men undergoing this process but it’s with females also and it’s very sad. It’s a very painful and disturbing practise.”

Future projects

Helly Shah stated that there is nothing concrete yet as everything is in its nascent stages. “I am really hoping that it happens very soon. Right now, everything is in the talking stage, so there is nothing concrete,” said the actress.


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