Hold a Charge SMG at max for 3 seconds, then damage an opponent

One of the newest Fortnite challenges requires players to hold a Charge SMG at max for 3 seconds and then damage an opponent. Completing this challenge can be quite difficult, especially for new players, which is why we will explain how to do it without much difficulty.

This submachine gun is one of the newest weapons in the game as it was introduced with one of the latest Chapter 3 Season 3 patches. Due to this, many players are not yet familiar with the weapon’s mechanics.

Even though it’s confusing to learn, players who master the Charge SMG can easily win Fortnite games. The truth is that the weapon is lethal in the right hands, and Epic Games has most likely released a new challenge in an attempt to get players to use it more.

If readers are unsure how to hold a Charge SMG at max for 3 seconds and later damage an opponent, this article will help them with it.

New Fortnite challenge requires players to hold a Charge SMG at max for 3 seconds, then damage an opponent

The Charge SMG was released to Fortnite as part of the v21.20 update on July 6, 2022. Although the weapon has been in the game for almost a month, many players still haven’t learned how to use it properly.

To hold a Charge SMG at max for 3 seconds and then damage an opponent, you will have to pick up the weapon first, obviously. Fortunately, it is very common and can be found in many loot sources, including chests and supply drops.


Once you have the weapon in your inventory, you will have to hold down the fire button for six seconds in total before hitting an enemy with it. The submachine gun needs to be charged for three seconds to reach its maximum, but the challenge requires it to be held for an additional three seconds.

It is important to note that charging up this weapon slows you down and players cannot sprint with it, which is why it’s recommended that you charge it up while near an enemy.

The SMG is one of the deadliest weapons in Fortnite and its Mythic variant deals more than 336 damage per second, a truly incredible amount.

The easiest methods of completing the new challenge

If players are struggling to complete this challenge in regular game modes, they can also opt to play the Team Rumble mode and complete the challenge there.

Team Rumble is convenient for completing challenges as it has a lot of casual players and also features respawns, making the game significantly easier. This means that even when you die, you will get another shot at completing any required challenges.

Another useful method players can use to complete challenges is by joining Fortnite bot lobbies. To join these lobbies, you will have to create a new account and join it for a Duo match. Fortunately, completing challenges against 98 computer-controlled bots is extremely easy, but it takes a while to properly set up. However, it’s definitely worth it.

Considering that this is a new weekly challenge, you will receive 15,000 XP upon its completion.

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