How to become a captain in Sea of Thieves

The player can finally be recognized as the captain of their own ship with the latest Sea of Thieves update. Prior to the update, sailing a ship with a crew could see any player acting as a captain. Now, the game allows them to officially take on the role of one.


Players are now able to purchase a ship, name it, customize it to their liking, and complete Milestones that show how far they’ve come with regard to the ship, the crew, and their captaining career.

Players can purchase a ship to become its captain in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has introduced many new features for captains (Image via Rare)
Sea of Thieves has introduced many new features for captains (Image via Rare)

New perks and ways to progress through Sea of Thieves have arrived with the Captaincy update. All players need to do is purchase a ship and sail it. Any ship they own, they will be the captain of.

Just head to the Adventure menu and select My Ships. Choose to Purchase a Captained Ship and buy one of the available ships to become its captain. Here are the ships and their in-game cost in Gold:

  • Sloop: 250,000 Gold
  • Brigantine: 375,000 Gold
  • Galleon: 500,000 Gold

After the ship has been bought, players will need to name it. Confirm the name and the purchase of the ship to set sail and become its captain, regardless of if you’re going solo or with friends as crewmates.

What to do as a captain in Sea of Thieves?

A captain can complete a list of specific activities after purchasing a ship (Image via Rare)
A captain can complete a list of specific activities after purchasing a ship (Image via Rare)

There’s plenty to do after becoming a captain. It opens new features that normal pirates won’t be able to access. These features are:

  • Shipwright Shop: Captains can buy more than just ship cosmetics here. Special stashes, voyages, and Trinkets can be purchased as the Shipwright at any Outpost by a captain.
  • Captain’s Voyages: These are captain-specific quests in Sea of Thieves. Players can stash them on the ship and choose to take on whichever quest they’re feeling up to at the moment.
  • Captain’s Logbook: The Captain’s Table comes with a Logbook that tracks Milestones for the individual captain as well as the ship. Stats shown range from distance traveled at sea to amount of treasure loaded onto the ship.
  • Sovereigns: The Sovereigns are a unique Trading Company with a representative at each Outpost. Captained crews can sell their loot to the Sovereigns for a bit of Gold and an increase in their reputation.
  • Customization: Captains and any crew members who’re given permission by the captain can customize the ship itself as well as the captain’s quarters. Leveling up Milestones unlocks more Trinkets to purchase to decorate the ship. Only captained ships can get the makeover.

There’s no reason a player shouldn’t purchase their own ship, name it, and become its captain in the latest update. There is so much more content to explore as a captain or even through being on a crew with one.

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