India’s leading stock market analysis firm, AISM, goes the extra mile with its expansion

Published: Published Date – 07:40 PM, Thu – 4 August 22

India’s leading stock market analysis firm, AISM, goes the extra mile with its expansion

Hyderabad: Financial education has become integral in today’s dynamic world. Especially there has been a rise in the number of active participants investing in the stock market. As much as short-term traders are learning about the fundamentals of stock trading, a certain section of people has made the stock market a destination for long-term investments. AISM (Aim Institute of Stock Market) is rightly promoting financial literacy and providing education to aspiring traders and investors.

AISM was formerly known as Dharamik Enterprise LLP. However, at the onset of 2022, the educational trading firm restructured and rebranded its identity in the market. Considered India’s leading stock market analysis firm, AISM has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With an intent to educate people about the financial market and stock trading, AISM is eventually working to leave its mark on a pan-India level.

The educational platform is five years old but has strongly impacted people with its in-depth courses and mentorship programs. Founded by Dharmik Thakker in 2017, AISM makes its students dive deep into the stock market only after educating them about the crux of trading and investing. With an online community of more than 5000 members in India and overseas, AISM is undoubtedly the biggest stock trading analysis firm in India.

Mr. Thakker says, “We are here to help our students build a robust wealth portfolio. We believe in making students understand simpler yet conceptual investment plans through different modes like Mutual Funds, SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) and trading in stocks.” With distinguished courses for beginners, intermediate traders and pro traders, AISM trains its students in different segments like Equity, Commodities and F&O.

As AISM continues to expand its reach through digital means, the stock market analysis firm is said to introduce its hybrid centres soon. Technological advancements are happening with the speed of light, and Dharmik Thakker is ensuring the integration of cloud-based infrastructure in daily work operations. While things are still in development, Dharmik Thakker aims to launch hybrid centres of AISM across major Indian cities.

AISM is already offering online courses and programs with real-time trading sessions. And with the idea of hybrid centres, it looks like AISM has already hit the masterstroke. Going with the innovative trends, there’s no wonder that AISM offers the best financial education with simplified techniques to the students. To learn more about the stock market analysis firm, check its website


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