Is the Google Play Pass subscription worth it?

The Google Play Pass is the fallout of the Netflix-type system that has rolled into the world of gaming. The service offers more than 800 applications, all of which are premium.

In other words, each game and application on the roster would require a one-time fee to unlock if not done via the pass. In exchange, players have to pay a low monthly fee to avail of the service.

The biggest question that arises in the minds of many users is a simple one: is it worth getting the service?


The modern gaming world has constantly evolved, which has seen services like the Google Play Pass and the Xbox Game Pass gaining popularity. While gamers don’t get to own a game permanently, they get a vast roster of premium titles on offer.

They usually have to spend less than the total price of a single game, let alone a hundred. However, the quality of the titles on offer also becomes a topic of discussion, and this is perhaps the biggest strength of the Google Play Pass.

Its popularity has steadily increased as the service has been made available to more regions since its debut on the US market.

Google Play Pass’ massive roster is biggest USP, and it feels like bargain

The Google Play Pass costs $4.99 monthly in the US market without any deals and discounts. Prices vary based on the region, as it costs INR 99 ($1.3) in the Indian market, giving more excellent options to consumers worldwide.

However, its value shines through purely because of what it offers in exchange for the monthly fee.

There’s a dedicated collection of games and applications constantly updated by Google. While not every offering is not good enough, some amazing ones exist.

Monster Hunter Stories is one such game that’s a cult hit on the Nintendo 3DS. It has since been ported onto mobiles and costs $19.99.

However, it’s wholly unlocked at no extra cost if someone subscribes to the Google Play Pass.


That’s not all, as several such great titles are available on the roster. Offerings like This War of Mine and Stardew Valley are console-quality games with mobile ports available to the players as part of the roster.

Each of these titles is worth playing at its full price. Having the ability to play them without paying a substantial fee is a fantastic opportunity.

The options are also quite varied as titles belong to different genres on the Google Play Pass. Unlike typical free-to-play games, there are no questions about microtransactions or advertisements in these offerings.

Even if there are unlockables in any game, they will be unlocked for free. Users will get the complete experience of the title thanks to their memberships.


Additionally, some fantastic utility apps can significantly increase the daily productivity of a person. These applications usually cost a premium but come as added benefits to gamers. From financial planners to photo editors, users can get different choices.

Overall, the cheap cost combined with the enormous amount of quality choices makes the service a must-have in today’s times. Players can save more with an annual subscription to make it an even better deal.

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