Mad TV Star Recalls Being Booed Out Of The Building

Will Sasso is no stranger to the wrestling business nor to television, and he respects the wrestlers that can balance both. The “Mad TV” star recently sat down on “Casual Conversations” to talk about his stints in the squared circle which included an angle with Bret Hart back in WCW.

Sasso showed back up in wrestling in 2012 when he, along with two acting colleagues, were the guest hosts of WWE “Raw.” However, they did not portray themselves, they portrayed Larry, Curly, and Moe of the “Three Stooges” in what was a comedy remake of the classic series.  Even though Sasso had experience before, he knew the wrestling fans would be bloodthirsty for the destruction of the act.

“We got booed out of the building,” Sasso said. “That was not heat. The wrestling fans were like, ‘Yo, f-ck you! This isn’t part of our fun thing like, get out of here.’ And I get it. Like, I was telling the guys, my pals, Chris and Sean [Hayes] in the film, I was like, ‘We’re going to go down the aisle and we’re gonna do this stuff and it’s going to be pretty gnarly.’”

It got gnarly. Sasso played the role of Curly but he threw that gimmick out the window in exchange for red, yellow, and a deep tan. He came out as Hulk Hogan and cut a promo in the vein of the WWE Hall Of Famer, but the crowd wasn’t having it. Out came Kane to chokeslam the bandana off Sasso as his two co-stars, still in character, ran off.

“My mouth went awful dry, and you get tunnel vision out there and people are screaming and yelling,” Sasso said. “For professional wrestlers to be able to slow that s–t down, just pace themselves through it, hear something way the f-ck in the back, read the audience, read the crowd, know when to stop, and then all the technical aspects of it — I can appreciate the guys that are so good at it, and it’s unbelievable,” he added. “You watch now like, a guy — he’s been shoved down our throats forever but like, Roman Reigns is a 10/10.”

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