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The Ultrahuman Ring in gold, black, and silver.

Ultrahuman is best known for its M1 wearable glucose monitor, a device intended to help people learn how exercise, food, and sleep impacts their unique metabolic fitness. And now, Ultrahuman wants to expand the M1’s capabilities with a smart ring.

The Ultrahuman Ring features several sensors that can track your movement, heart rate, sleep, and body temperature. It’s designed to work with the M1 glucose monitor, giving customers deeper insight into how their habits affect their health.

You can use the Ultrahuman Ring on its own, of course, but the idea of pairing it with a continuous glucose monitor is pretty neat. If your Ultrahuman Ring detects high stress or poor sleep, for example, it can correlate that data with your glucose levels—that’s much more useful than blaming everything on diet or exercise, especially if you’re using this equipment to deal with hypertension or diabetes.

Now, I should point out that the Ultrahuman Ring is very similar to the Oura smart ring. The only serious difference is that Ultrahuman’s wearable can work in conjunction with a glucose monitor. Oh, and Ultrahuman’s branding is very weird, with an odd focus on “bio-hacking.”

My hope is that Ultrahuman can appeal to people who would seriously benefit from products like this smart ring. At the time of writing, hardcore athletes seem the most interested.

Anyway, pre-orders for the Ultrahuman Ring open July 7th, and orders ship this December. Pricing is unconfirmed, though it seems that there will be two pricing tiers—one for a lifetime membership and another for a subscription.

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