Noise Labs launches audio based i1 smart eyewear: Everything to know

Noise Labs launches audio based i1 smart eyewear Everything to know
Noise has launched its first audio based smart eyewear, i1. The smart eyewear is equipped with speakers and is available at Rs 5,999 in India.

The device is said to be made in India and comes with features such as Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMS) Mic for calling, magnetic Charging, and hands-free voice control. The smart eyewear also comes with IPX4 rating for better water resistance.

As per the company, the device comes with an audio design to ensure that the music flows into your ears. Furthermore, it is said to block out the loud noise of the surroundings. As per the company, the eyewear i1 offers over 9 hours of playtime on a single charge and supports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. It can deliver 120 minutes of playtime on a 15-minute charge.

The smart eyewear also features multi-functional touch controls that will enable users to accept and reject calls, manage music, and activate the voice assistant. The eyewear also doubles up as sunglasses and also comes with changeable blue light filtering transparent lenses for reducing eye strain.

“We are proud to introduce Noise i1, the first pair of stylish, smart eyewear, developed in Noise Labs. Keeping an eye on the future, we have designed our smart eyewear to give the purest tech experience to anyone looking for the best- in -class audio experience. We’ve packed it with all the essential features, and this is the next step in giving our users a completely seamless connected experience, ” Amit Khatri , Co – Founder of Noise said, while commenting on the launch of the device.

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