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Jalandhar, June 21

The road leading to Urban Estate Phase II from Johal market here has turned into a virtual pond of dirty water due to overflowing sewage. The shopkeepers along the road rue that their businesses are getting affected as customers avoid entering their shops due to stagnant sewer water on the road.

They say they have lodged a complaint with the Municipal Corporation (MC) in this regard many times, but no official has ever visited the spot to take stock of the situation.

“The dirty water has been stagnant here in front of our shops for the last four to five days. Customers are avoiding visiting the shops as they have to wade through dirty water. As a result, shopkeepers are facing huge losses. Besides, insanitary conditions prevailing here are an open invitation to seasonal diseases,” Khushpal Singh, a shopkeeper, said in a message posted on a Facebook group — ‘Noticeboard – Jalandhar by Tinu Luthra’. He also made an appeal to the MC authorities to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Another shopkeeper of the area said, “For the last two to three days since the rain lashed the city, the situation here has worsened. The accumulated water gets mixed with rainwater and enters our shops. We have apprised the MC authorities of the problem but to no avail,” he said.

He further said the monsoon is fast approaching, but the MC seems hardly prepared to tackle the problem of overflowing and choked sewers. “A majority of the roads in the city are waterlogged and commuters, especially those on two-wheelers, are facing difficulty as they had to wade through knee-deep water. Almost all roads were dug up last year as the MC was busy laying pipes for storm drainage systems, but it seems hardly any drainage system is working as water is stagnant everywhere on the majority of roads,” he added.

Meanwhile, Johal market is one of the busiest markets in the city that sees a huge traffic volume throughout the day. Many residential localities, including Urban Estate Phase II, Model Town and others, are close to it and a large number of residents visit here on a daily basis.

“The majority of shopkeepers have made a temporary path, raised above the stagnant water level, by placing bricks at the entrance to their shops so that our customers do not have to wade through dirty water. Finding the path uncomfortable and risky, customers usually avoid preferring to visit other shops,” said Vaishali, a commuter.

Mayor Jagdish Raja said: “I will ask the department concerned to immediately sort out the problem and ensure that the shopkeepers as well as customers do not face any such problem in the future.”

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