Sony’s Ambitious New PlayStation Plus Launch Doesn’t Quite Rub Well With Its Loyal Fans

PlayStation fans would be delighted to know that Sony globally released the PlayStation Plus. This subscription will let fans access various features like game trials, early access, and much more.


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This subscription will be available to both PlayStation 5 and the last generation PlayStation 4 users. However, the fascinating thing would be that the fans will get free games every month to enjoy, including classic games from past Sony consoles.


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Fans reacting to the Sony PlayStation Plus subscription

As soon as Sony announced the global launch of PlayStation Plus subscription on their official Twitter, it spread like wildfire. It got attention from fans all over the world. Fans also didn’t waste much time sharing their reaction to the subscription.

However, the new subscription failed to impress the majority of the fans. Most of them complained about the pricing of the subscription. They also complained about the games they would be getting for the amount they were paying. Some fans even went on to say that the Xbox Game Pass this year is better than this Sony PlayStation Plus.

What’s there in the subscription for Sony’s console?

The PlayStation Plus subscription has three variations with different price tags. Moreover, they also have other things to offer to the fans.

The basic plan of the Plus subscription is Essential. This plan will cost the players $9.99 per month and $59.99 per year. Essential will present monthly free games, online multiplayer, and exclusive discounts. Also, it will include exclusive content, cloud storage, and share play.

The second plan is the PlayStation Plus Extra. This plan carries all the features from the basic or the Essential plan. But Extra will present fans with a game catalog, including hundreds of big-name to indie games. Moreover, new video game titles are added daily to the game catalog. Fans would need to pay $14.99 per month and $99.99 yearly.


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Now come the most expensive and the ultimate plan, Deluxe. It has everything from the Essential and Extra plans. Moreover, this plan has some extra features like game trials and classic games from older gen consoles. However, the price tag for this plan is $17.99 monthly while $119.99 for a year.


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What are your thoughts on the new PlayStation Plus? Are you going to get these subscription plans?

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