Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, 21st June 2022, Written Update: Sundar offers a business proposal to Jethalal

In today’s episode, Jethalal comes home and Bapuji tells him that the inauguration was really good. Jethalal agrees and tells that he had a really great business also today. Sundar, along with his friends comes and asks how could it not go well as Bapuji inaugurated. Jethalal asks him why he didn’t go back to Ahmedabad. Sundar asks him if he wants him to go back. Bapuji asks Sundar and his friends to stay for few days and then leave. Jethalal tells Sundar might’ve have to go back for work. Sundar tells Jethalal that he has ank business offer for him. Jethalal tells he doesn’t want to listen. Bapuji asks him to listen at least. Sundar tells him that in this business idea, he doesn’t have to do anything and just count notes. Jethalal asks him if he’s thinking of printing notes. 

Sundar gets shocked and tells no. He tells that he was thinking of opening a Gada Electronic’s branch in Ahmedabad, and he’ll take care of it. Jethalal thinks that if he gets into business with him, he might loot him. Bapuji likes the idea and Jethalal thinks that Sundar is clever as he purposely bought up the topic in front of Bapuji. Jethalal tells him that he doesn’t want to open a branch. Sundar insists him. Jethalal tells that the shop got inaugurated just now, so he’ll wait until the business is back on track and then think about it. Bapuji agrees with Jethalal. 

Jethalal then tells Sundar to get Daya back soon. He promised to get her back before Diwali. Jethalal tells he won’t spare him if he doesn’t fulfil his promise. Sundar and his friends leave. Jethalal wonders if he should miss days or be happy about the inauguration. Madhavi and Bheede talk about how many hurdles they all had to face before the inauguration. 

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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