"The easiest thing ever!" Brad Pitt on Deadpool 2, Bullet Train and *incredible* directors' notes – BBC Radio 1

  1. “The easiest thing ever!” Brad Pitt on Deadpool 2, Bullet Train and *incredible* directors’ notes  BBC Radio 1
  2. Strangers on a Train: David Leitch’s Bullet Train is Heading Directly to a Theater Near You – Boxoffice  Boxoffice Pro
  3. The Bullet Train Stars on Unique Characters and the Influence of Jackie Chan  Rotten Tomatoes
  4. ‘Bullet Train’ Red Carpet Video Interviews with Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry & More  CinemaBlend
  5. Action caper Bullet Train’s fight scenes are an homage to Jackie Chan  The Straits Times
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