The fitness mantra Disha Patani swears by is…

The motivation to work out everyday may not come easy to many. But once the fitness bug bites and the efforts start paying off, workouts become a way of life. And one celebrity who has won us over with her dedication is Disha Patani, who was recently seen working out with weights at the gym.

Giving a glimpse of her workout, fitness trainer Rajendra Dhole posted a video, and also shared the fitness mantra that helps keep the actor in shape.

Take a look.

Captioning a video in which Patani can be seen doing the conventional deadlifthe wrote: “Keep it simple. Lift right, eat right, and build right.”

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Why should one do deadlifts?

It is a compound exercise that requires a certain technique to perfect, explained Bala Krishna Reddy Dabbedi, a fitness expert, and co-founder, director at Fittr. “It works almost all of the posterior chain muscles like upper back, lats, erector spinae (lower back muscles), glutes, hamstrings, arms and forearms,” he told

Here’s why weight training is essential for all women.

Many people believe that weight training makes a woman’s body look masculine and bulky. However, weight training helps everyone, including women, to achieve desired fitness goals, said Bala.

According to a research titled Strength Training and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, it was noticed that women who added strength training to their routine experienced a 30 percent reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes, and the risk of them developing cardiovascular diseases also declined by 17 percent. “Women have a tendency to develop age-related osteoporosis and by adding strength training to the routine, one can increase muscle mass which improves bone mineral density,” the expert advised.

Adding strength training to their workout regimen including the use of free weights, resistance bands, weightlifting, as well bodyweight exercises, can have countless benefits, he said, listing some benefits below:

*The exercise helps develop lean tissue which not only makes one look more toned, but also boosts overall functional strength and keeps lifestyle disorders at bay.

*It helps develop muscles, thus resulting in greater stamina, agility, strength, and power to perform the simplest of tasks. It also enhances athletic performance.

*Other than burning calories during the workout, you also need energy to sustain the gain when the body is in rest mode. Therefore, you continue to burn calories throughout the day.

*It also helps release endorphins and uplift the mood.

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