When Dharmendra said he objected to Hema Malini posing with other heroes, she said ‘as if I can’t object’

Veteran actor Dharmendra and Hema Malini have been married for over 40 years now but when the two started their relationship, it was hot gossip for tabloids, as the actor was already married with kids. Hema, who was being courted by many of her co-stars, chose Dharmendra, and the two were head over heels in love with each other, and made no attempts to hide that affection. In a 1976 interview with Stardust, that was held at Hema’s house, which was right opposite Dharmendra’s, the equation that the two shared was evident. The interview took place four years before they married.

The two lived across the road from each other and every morning, Hema said that he would come over to see her and they started everyday with a fight. “We start each day with a fight. We are fighting all the time. It is he who normally gives in and then we make up,” she said. When asked what they fight about, Hema said, “Early in the morning when he comes to see me, he asks, ‘why do you have a long face today and why are you spoiling my mood early in the morning?’ As if I can help it, I am born with a face like this. Then we fight.”

Dharmendra added that he had certain objections to Hema posing with other heroes. “I object to certain… poses… with the other heroes, you know,” he said. To which, Hema promptly said, “As if I can’t object! So many times I have caught him in all kinds of pictures with all kinds of people. And he says, ‘It was only for the picture, there was nothing real in it’.”

After talking about what sounded like some kind of insecurity on their professional front, the two moved on to talk about their love for each other. When Hema was asked if Dharmendra was his favourite actor, she said, “He is my favourite person.”

“I am scared of what will happen to me if we ever part,” said Dharmendra. And to this, Hema jumped in and said, “I will never let anyone break this. From my side, at least, it is forever.”

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