Why mice and humans are more likely to die of cancer than elephants

As the cell divides in our body and produces two new daughter cells, errors may sometimes creep into the replicated DNA. A tiny little fraction of these errors, called mutations, could lead to cancer, making the cells multiply uncontrolled.

A mouse lives for about a year and has nearly 40 billion cells. A dog with trillion cells lives for 10-13 years. An adult human has about 37 trillion cells and a lifespan of about 80. An elephant has about a hundred times more cells than a human and lives nearly 70 years. A Blue whale has whooping 100 quadrillions and endures for almost a hundred years.

When we have two playing cards in our hand, the odds of one of them being A spade are slim. However, when we have the whole pack of 53 cards, one of them is inevitably A spade. As the number of cards, we hold to increase the odds that one of them being A spade, escalate. Alternatively, assume we draw two cards multiple times, at least once, one of them being A spade hike with the number of……

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