Zelenskyy bats for increasing grain export to global market to limit Russian provocations

As three ships carrying grain departed from Ukraine’s ports for export on Friday, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated, “The more our grain will be on the global market, the smaller will be the harvest of political chaos in countries, primarily in Africa and Asia”. Addressing the nation during a night speech, Zelenskyy noted that consumers in Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Ireland should expect around 60,000 tons of Ukrainian grain to be on board. Further, he added, “The main thing now is the constant increase in exports.” Notably, the ships sailed off from Odesa and Chornomorsk. 

Referring to it, the Ukrainian President highlighted the fact that besides “Africa and Asia”, the demand for imported food in Europe this year is far larger than anticipated. He even noted that due to the prolonged heat, Europe produced a lesser amount of crops. However, it is anticipated that the harvest of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine would exceed 65 million tons, as per Zelenskyy.  

Therefore, the food crisis that has been so dangerous for the globe may be resolved if the partners fulfil their responsibilities under the Grain Initiative, particularly the security aspect, and do not permit further Russian provocations against the shipments, the embattled President added.  

Turkey confirms the departure of the three ships with Ukrainian grain

In addition to this, according to the Turkish defence ministry on Friday, three grain-laden ships have sailed from Ukrainian ports and are currently en route to Turkey for inspection. The ships’ departure occurred this week after the first grain vessel since the war’s commencement departed Ukraine. 

According to media reports, the three -grain cargo ships Navistar, Rojen, and Polarnet, transporting grain for the foreign market, left Ukrainian ports on August 5, Friday, Turkey reported. The joint grain export coordination centre representatives would check all the ships that sailed from the Black Sea, as per a statement from the Turkish Defense Ministry. 

Approximately 13,000 tons of grain have been put into the Malta-flagged ship Rojen, while an estimated 12,000 tons of grain are being transported by the Turkish cargo ship Polarnet. In the meantime, the Navistar cargo ship, which is flying the Panamanian flag, is transporting around 33,000 tons of grain. A total of 58,000 tons of corn are put onto the three ships. The export from Ukraine would be utilised for animal feed, as per media reports.  

The United Nations declared that the three ships have already been approved as the operation grows by the joint coordination centre in charge of the agreement. 

Zelesnkyy talks about energy market in Europe

Apart from this, during his speech, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy stressed about the energy market in Europe. Because of Russia’s “cynical” and well-planned gas “blackmail”, the condition of the energy market, and particularly for European customers, continues to be extremely perilous. He underlined, “Instead of supplying gas to the territory of Europe in accordance with the contracts, Russia even simply burns it – and this is happening for more than one week. Why does it do this? So that prices in Europe rise even more… so that it will be even more difficult for everyone on the continent to prepare for winter.” 

Zelenskyy claimed that this is an example of Russia’s intentional anti-European, anti-human policy and the result of earlier mistakes made by Europeans who did not want to acknowledge that Gazprom’s gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine are just as effective as tanks and artillery as weapons for Russia, making everyone in Europe a target for them. 

(Image: AP/ Pixabay)

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